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"The Dwight Stuff"

Vero Beach

"Happy and I are at the Vineyard and have been listening (again) to your wonderful music. The selections are wonderful and your incredible voice is as strong and on pitch as ever. The range is unreal.
Know that you're making a difference out here without realizing it..."
Bob Doran
fellow Whiff Class of 1955
"I'm writing to tell you how much I'm enjoying your CDs, "Hello Again." My husband doesn’t have a CD player in his car but I do and I get to sing along with you. I just love your voice, your selection of songs, and the orchestrations. Thanks for giving me so much pleasure."
Jane Acton
wife of college classmate
"Dwight Townsend's mother was in show business [a Broadway star in the twenties] so he comes by his talent naturally. His creations are often on a personal level such as his songs about his wife, Carmen, and daughter, Lesley."
Anne Shannon
Santa Fe
"I love these CDs – they're an instant good mood. I play them in the car all the time and my kids love them as much as I do. We never get sick of them: they have been the soundtracks to our summer."
Chris Gartin
Hollywood actor-producer
"I love Dwight Townsend's music. It's wonderful to be able to listen to music that is symphonic with lyrics that you can actually understand. I play his CDs often, especially when I have guests. Everyone always asks "What is that you're playing?" and "Whose music is that?" "Where can I get a copy?" What a pleasure. More CDs, please!"
Amanda Russell
Film script-writer
"Dwight Townsend's voice is extra-ordinary. His sound is at once rich, warm, sensitive and sincere. His talent, recognized by many who know him, cries out for a wider audience. While Townsend has a wide range, his bass notes are the ones you'll especially remember. He knows how to linger on a great note. When he sings songs of the great singers, they come back to life: the lift and timing of Sinatra, the charm of Crosby, and the depth of Ezio Pinza."
Bob Doran
"Want to hear some real music for a change? Dwight Townsend's CDs simply warm my heart – and will yours too. I sometimes welcome Los Angeles traffic when I have time to listen to more than a couple of tracks, and in so doing, don't get aggravated by the insane drivers here. Keep 'em coming Dwight!"
Sandy Gartin
Los Angeles
"We have listened over and over to your wonderful music and have enjoyed every piece. You must have been thinking about your beautiful Carmen and the love you share to sing with such emotion. In our opinion you are better than Robert Goulet."
Jim and Merrill Dick