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Vero Beach

Dwight Hall Townsend 1933-2016

Dwight passed away Friday, April 15, 2106 in the company of his loving wife Carmen and daughter Lesley after a bout of pneumonia and other complications. He is deeply missed.
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The Dwight Album is here!

Dwight's final compilation of music, The Dwight Album, has arrived and is available through CD Baby by clicking HERE. It is a 3 CD set of the songs he loved recording and will serve as an anthology to Dwight and his memorable music. Single tracks are available for 99 cents. The entire 3 CD set can be downloaded for $9.99 or if you'd like a physical set of CDs you can get that for $12.97.      Go to CD Baby

Finale' Drops

Finale, as the title suggests, was meant to be the last two-CD set I would produce of the best songs I had recorded in the past three years. However, after reviews of friends and perhaps of those less- inclined to automatically praise my offerings, I started making a list of another fifteen or more songs I wanted to record.
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Finale' Is In Production

Finale': "Omega to Alpha" is now in production and due to hit the streets in the 4th Quarter on 2014. As the name implies, this 2-CD set will conclude Dwight's vocal recording career, but take heart, more instrumentals as in the works. Stay tuned for updates.

Global Talk Radio Interview

Dwight has just been interviewed by Global Talk Radio about his lifetime of music and discussion of current releases. The interview is available to be heard by clicking here.

Update on Encores

My last posting mentioned something about Encores being ready for sale by the fall. Perhaps a few of you noticed that fall has come and gone and no new edition of my music has been ready for sale. My father once told me that there was no such thing as a good excuse [that word being an oxymoron]; so I won't bore you with any. Suffice to say we weren't able to resurrect those old tapes and correct the minor flaws which annoyed "your humble perfectionist", Consequently, onward and upward. Encores wiil, in fact, be available within a month or so being at the replicators as I write this. The two CD set will contain forty more of my best recordings. In the meantime I am in the process of deciding what songs I want to add to those warbled at Dallas's Crystal Clear Studios last summer. There are fifteen tracks "in the bank" and I'll add another ten or so this spring. I have been teased about entitling those two CDs, Finale, because these past years I have said whatever I was working on would be my last vocal efforts and then I decided that it was to be only a penultimate endeavor. Somehow, having reached eighty years young, my "instrument" has retained its fidelity and vitality and I may as well keep on singing. Almost every day I hear a song that I really do want to record, with Don Zimmers' wonderful arrangements and with all my talented [and fun-to-work-with] musical friends, many of whom have been with me since I recorded The Dwight Stuff, some twenty years ago.
February 2013

New CDs In The Works

It has been several months since I've updated the current state of my website; but now is the time to set things straight. After the rapturous reviews I received for "Hello Again", I rushed to put another two-CD set ["Encores"] in the "for sale" category. Subsequently however, I noticed some less than totally professional imperfections in those two discs. My intention was to clean up the mistakes and perhaps include some recordings I was about to lay down with the "usual suspects" in a Dallas studio. My engineer [and partner at Yorktown Digital Works] has a dire medical condition [prostate cancer] and would not be available to steer me along in the sound booth. Consequently my arranger [Don Zimmers] and I rescheduled and went back to Crystal Clear Studios - where we had done many recordings pre 2010. We laid down the orchestral tracks in June and expect to do the vocals in September.

My daughter, Lesley, was married in New York City June 21 and the event was magical. She and Cody Duval are honeymooning in Japan as I write this update. I am one very proud father!

I am now "full speed ahead" RE "Encores", with Rusty Durham's help [my technological guru and website developer]. "Encores" will be available in early fall, and one final CD [not as yet titled] with a dozen or so songs should be ready [as a Christmas present] for sale in mid-fall of this year.

In the meantime, wishing you all a fabulous summer and fall season!
Dwight Townsend

From left to right: George Anderson (bass), Joe Lee (guitar), Don Zimmers (arranger), Dwight Townsend (vocals), Bob Snook (piano). Not Pictured: Dan Wojciechowski (drums)

I have just returned from Dallas where I have probably completed my last vocal recording sessions. I expect to have a few more orchestral ideas arranged by Don Zimmers [who has been with me for about fifteen years since my first recordings entitled "The Dwight Stuff" ] and then gloriously played by a full orchestra. These artists, most of whom are members of the Dallas Symphony, have similarly been with me all these years making mountains out of the "molehills" that I composed, as well as the other over 150 well-known songs from Broadway, Cabaret, Tin Pan Alley and movies I have recorded over the years. While still "professional" and easy on the ears, my voice may not be quite the euphonious instrument that I have always demanded of myself. As I approach my 80th birthday, reality needs to be recognized before "the fat lady", crook in hand, comes running on stage to summarily end my vocal career.

On a truly sad note, I have to report that my dear friend, sound engineer, [majority] partner and producer at Yorktown Digital Works, Phil York, passed away of prostate cancer two months ago. He was the one who urged me to "do something with my music" and it was his belief in me as an artist and composer that led me to record my first CD: "The Dwight Stuff". If you search "Phil York" on Google, you will understand the breadth of talent he possessed and also see listed the many great artists he worked with, including Willie Nelson on "Red-headed Stranger".

The last recordings referred to above will be entitled "Finale". It should be ready for release not later than Thanksgiving 2012. Among the songs are "This Is All I Ask", "Send In The Clowns", "Yesterday I Heard The Rain", "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", "Why Do Fools Fall In Love", "I Got Plenty Of Nothing" and ten others. I hope you enjoy this CD. And an early Happy Holiday greeting to you all.
Dwight Townsend
October 2012

Whiffenpoofs of 1955 Re-released

Use the contact form to inquire about purchasing the historic Whiffenpoofs of 1955 music CD. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a very special collection of well-known favorites of our past. Recorded by the Yale Whiffenpoofs of 1955 and remastered at Yorktown Digital Works in Dallas, Texas.

Hello Again Online Review

Read this wonderful review of Hello Again by Rhonda Readence of Review You. We are very greatful. Review You is an online music review service that has had some very nice comments about our new release. Click here for review.

WQCS Arts Spotlight

WQCS FM Radio in Fort Pierce, FL did an interview with Dwight in December 2011. The show is called "Arts Spotlight" and is hosted by Willi Miller. "Click Here" and enjoy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Here's a little number for your holiday listening pleasure called "Whistling Christmas." Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday season.

Vero Beach 32963 Article

What a wonderful article written by Michelle Genz and published by the Vero Beach 32963 newspaper on October 27th! The story delves into Dwight's early family years and follows a very interesting lifetime of a man in the persuit of musical perfection and a passion for life.

Read the entire story here.

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Submitted by Mary Sonielle on Wed, 11/10/2010 - 23:39
"To hear your music is to step back to the most wonderful time in music. Long gone are the standards that made up our childhood. Kudos to you and your arranger. The warmth of your voice soothes my soul."
Mary Sonielle
Bridgeport, CN
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